No soup for you!

A friend went to Tillamook Cheese this summer.I loved the story behind the beginning of the creamery association. It is over 100 years old and their cheese is amazing. This recipe is from their cookbook. Tortellini and cheese. It has 5 different cheeses in it. 

If you can find their cheese,get it. It makes the best grilled cheese ever.

Jade the sous chef approved.


Ultimate Chicken Noodle Soup

With snow predictions for the Mid Atlantic and Northeast I thought chicken noodle soup would be good this week and I was so right. I saw this post from Smitten Kitchen and used a roasted chicken from Costco for this soup. I stripped the chicken and cooked the bones from the all ready roasted chicken in the crockpot with vegetables on low for 5 hours.

After straining the broth added in more vegetables and then the noodles and it came out perfect. There was a lot of chicken so I also used some for chicken salad for sandwiches.

This soup is recommended by grandmothers everywhere to cure the common cold.  I totally agree!




Spice Carrot Soup with Lime

Sometime there are better soups than others. This is one that I did not care for but I think it’s just as important to see the failures as well as the successes. It called from boiled daikon radish as a garnish. This was not seen in the photo because it sank to the bottom.  The addition of the daikon did not add anything to this rather flavorless soup. Oh, well.